Sad news for food and ice cream lovers: The Big Dipper Friend Seafood & Ice Cream, will officially be closed.

This charming spot, located on 222 RTE 108 in Somersworth New Hampshire, which is known for it's incredible seafood and delicious ice cream, will not reopen this season.

The Big Dipper is a go-to spot for foodies and locals searching for a delightful meal. They are located in the heart of NH and they're inventive menu will now be no more.

You can feel that the decision made to close was difficult for the owners. Many fans of the place have talked about how much they will miss their famous lobster rolls, the delicious ice cream in the summer time and the beer garden they highlighted in the fall.

The reasoning for the closing is not crystal clear with the owners officially posting that the property has been sold and they regretfully will not open. Factors could be maker dynamics, unforeseen circumstances, anything really.

Let's all now raise a metaphorical spoon and toast to the all the moments and tastes that made the Big Dipper a cherished part of the New Hampshire!

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