Okay, what is happening with sharks this Summer? It's like they know that 2020 is the year that everything goes to you know what, and they are deciding to reclaim the beaches. Sharks have been spotted on several beach in Cape Cod, Maine, and just this week on Hampton Beach! That one hits a little too close to home. However, there is a major difference between a Great White Shark and a Basking Shark! SeacoastOnline highlights this difference in more detail.

The shark that claimed the woman's life on Harpswell Beach in Maine was a Great White Shark. The shark that was spotted off of Hampton beach this week was a Basking shark. The article explains that this species of shark is not a maneater. They actually don't have any teeth but they are still pretty freaky looking. They are seen swimming with their mouths open so they can feast on plankton which is their favorite. Basking Sharks get mistaken for Great White Sharks all the time because they are enormous. In fact, they are the second largest fish in the world! But we can find comfort in knowing that Basking Sharks are pretty unaware of humans. To them, we are too small to be a predator and too big to be a snack. Vegetarians aren't typically intimidating but I think I would still freak out if I saw one.

Chio and I decided we are taking a hard pass on the ocean this year. Between the Lion's Mane jelly fish and all of the shark sightings it's just too darn scary. I will be sticking with lakes and pools for the remainder of 2020.

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