Billy Currington is set to release a new album titled Summer Forever on June 2, and Taste of Country readers are hearing some of the tracks early via a series of exclusive lyric video teasers.

Today's track is titled "Jonesin'," and like the song we previously premiered,  "Nowhere Town," it's an instantly likable track that adheres to the album's central theme of fun.

“Making this album was such a blast for me. I put a lot of love into this project and couldn’t be more excited for fans to hear the new music,” Currington says. “Summer Forever for me represents a positive, happy, good time lifestyle and that’s what I hope the fans feel when they hear this record.”

Currington worked with longtime producer Dann Huff for Summer Forever, but the songs don't sound like what he's done previously. "Jonesin'" is a good example; the track features a very modern groove that is instantly infectious, and Currington delivers the lyrics in a big rush of words that's almost like chanting, which is quite different from some of the more melodic singing he's done: "I want ya, need ya, wanna lose it with ya / Tired of sittin' lookin' at your picture / Should be right here with ya instead of being lonely." The song's repetitive hook is bound to be one of those melodies that gets stuck in fans' heads this summer: "You got me jonesin', jonesin', jonesin'."

Summer Forever also includes "Don't It," which recently gave Currington his tenth top 10 hit. The album is currently available for pre-order. Currington will join Tim McGraw on the road this summer for his Shotgun Rider tour, which kicks off June 5, and will perform at the Taste of Country Music Festival, which runs from June 12-14.

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