Binga's in Windham, Maine

It seems like we start any article about Binga's in Windham the same exact way -- other than having delicious food and amazing wings, Binga's is also known for its signs.

Sure, sometimes it's something heartfelt like congratulating an employee or someone else on graduation or marriage, but for the most part, Binga's signs are just straight-up comedy gold.

But for its latest sign, Binga's actually decided to combine a little bit of comedy with something we all absolutely love -- saving money. Because according to Binga's brand new sign on display, you can get a 10% discount on your bill just for walking in the door.

But that said, it's not really about how you walk in the door, but how you dance in the door.

Since Binga's just posted this sign on its Binga's Windham Instagram page earlier this morning, it looks like this is the first day of the discount. And there's no real deadline or even indication of how long this discount will be active.

But if you think about it, on the customer end, who wouldn't want to go to a place with a great menu and save money just for 5 seconds of possible embarrassment while walking in the door?

And from Binga's end, especially if the staff there is having a super busy and stressful day, what a great way to shake the dread and stress by random people dancing in like, well (with all due respect), absolute idiots.

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So, what dance are you thinking? A conga line if you have a massive party? Go old school 90s with the sprinkler or shopping cart? Something you saw on TikTok?

Also, can we please get some elder Mainers either crushing a twerk entrance into Binga's or, if they have ballroom dancing, doing a sexy salsa right up to the host or hostess? Please?

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