The Binga's Sign in Windham, Maine

Last week, the documentary about the Auburn Walmart Pole went viral, and actually sparked a spin-off of five things in Maine (legit and sarcastic) that should also get the documentary treatment.

Spoiler, one thing that didn't make that spin-off list but probably should've -- the Binga's Sign in Windham, Maine.

It's iconic. It's legendary. And it's loved by everyone.

Well, everyone except for Dick.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Windham, Maine Community Group on Facebook

Recently on the Windham Maine Community Board Unfiltered group on Facebook, basically coming from out of nowhere, a man named Dick Ray decided to post his feelings about the quality of the signs that have been posted at Binga's lately.

And it wasn't a compliment.

Windham Maine Community Board Unfiltered via Facebook
Windham Maine Community Board Unfiltered via Facebook

The post just sat there with no response from Binga's in the comments section for a few days, and as of this writing, they still haven't responded to Dick's post.

What they may have done, though, was take a suggestion from one commenter on the thread named Kristin Murray:

I hope they put this on their sign!

It may have been because of Kristin's comment or it's how they would've responded on their own regardless of her suggestion. But a couple of days later, they decided to make Dick famous and address the Facebook comment on the very sign he was insulting.

To date, over 100 people have "liked" the post on Instagram. The comments section is basically filled with your typical "LOLs" and compliments on the comedy, but one person who hasn't commented on the quality of the sign Binga's put up?


Not us, sitting here with a freshly popped bag of popcorn waiting to see if he'll respond and what his thoughts are.

Saskia Fairfull
Saskia Fairfull

The 10 Best Binga's Windham Signs Over the Past Four Years

It's impossible for us to share every single message that has gone up on the Binga's Windham sign, but we picked out 10 of our favorites.

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