The impact of Saturday's Blizzard was felt all over New England.

Whether you were in Southern New England where areas such as Stoughton, Massachusetts saw upwards of 30" of snow, or Northern New England, where areas in Maine and New Hampshire were hit with at least a foot, the region was blanketed in white.

And while pretty much every area throughout New England saw heavy gusts of wind and snow, the way that New Englanders took on the fresh powder throughout the region couldn't have been more different.

In Boston, people treated city streets like they were mountains.

Different cities approached their plowing methods very differently throughout New England, and it just so happened that in one particular Boston neighborhood, a hilly street was left unplowed for a decent amount of time. While some couples or friends were hoofing it up or down the street, others had a different idea -- break out the skis!

Not to be outdone, in the comments section of that Tweet, one person said that they also saw people breaking out snowboards at the top of the street.

Meanwhile, in a different part of Boston, someone was caught using an entirely different method of getting from Point A to Point B -- the ole bicycle.

New Hampshire battled the elements with thermoses and man-made ski jumps.

In what can be considered one of the most precious videos to come out of Saturday's Blizzard (as well as various stations' wall-to-wall coverage of it), WMUR anchor Mike Cronin was in the middle of a live hit on Route 28 in Salem, showing how he was turning to his mother's homemade eggplant parmesan -- and discovering what a thermos was for the first time ever.

Meanwhile, anyone who has experienced a sizable snowstorm or blizzard while living on a college campus knows that it's one of the best parts of living in dorms during your college career. A few students at UNH decided to craft their own ski jump and, in the spirit of the Winter Games starting this Thursday in Beijing, put on their own Olympics.

And Mainers showed off abandoned streets and hot tub escapes.

Unlike New Hampshire and Mass, areas of Maine looked like an absolute abandoned ghost town. Maine photographer Benjamin Williamson showed off a video of a quiet street in Bath -- and most of his face completely frosted over.

Then there was NEWS CENTER Maine's Bob Evans, who was on the complete opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to a frosted over-face -- giving a live check-in from his hot tub.

Is there truly a mind more creative than a New Englander in the middle of a blizzard? And, of course, can't forget to mention what is the most Boston-during-a-blizzard interview ever.

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