If you were at Sam's Club in Seabrook Saturday, you might have spotted a very unusual customer. There was a bobcat spotted in the parking lot!  Not the first thing I want to see when getting out of my car, good thing Sam's Club is now closed!

Joey Knowles from Seabrook, NH tells WHDH that he was able to get a photograph of the bobcat before it ran off into the woods.  He was able to get within 20 feet and then contacted authorities.

I talked to Joey and he said that he was on his way home when he saw the bobcat and decided to pull in.

"I pulled in to watch it i ended up getting out of my car and following it to see how it interacted with humans."

Joey said he stayed in his car to get the photos because he didn't want to take his attention off of it.   Joey said

"I'm a hunter so I've seen these animals before just not a quarter mile from my house in a very populated area!"

Joey said the bobcat did not seem scared of humans at all.

Joey received almost 400 comments on his Facebook post, and yes, there were some references to Tiger King!  Rebecca Lynne says:

"Hey all you cool cats and kittens bobcats live in NH. Not a big deal"

Marsha Conroy joked:

Ps can u get me some TP ? Jk"
John Newman also commented:
Hope he has his membership card! And where is his mask?"
All joking aside, apparently this isn't that unusual.  Julie Anderson says:
"We had one in our apartment complex in Hampstead, NH a couple of weeks ago."
I think Kevin Apenathy summed this up well:
 "2020 has been an epic year of crazy shizzz. Maybe a murder hornet can take it out?"
Thanks to Joey Knowles for the pics, and stay safe at Sam's Club!

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