In the never-ending story of crazy phone calls that police departments get, this one is right up there! reports that Stratham Police Department Officer Matt Callahan got a call that there was a Bobcat cub ON THE ROOF OF A BURGER KING!  How the heck did a Bobcat cub get on top of the roof of a restaurant?

Fish and Game were contacted and had the matter in hand rather quickly.

The brave men and women of Fish and Game are amazing.  If someone told me there was a Bobcat cub stuck on a roof I would want to know where the heck Mama Bobcat was.  And more importantly, was she watching the cub?

According to, the little Bobcat kitten was rescued, transported and relocated to a new area.

Who knew cats liked Burger King?  Little kitty doesn’t look very happy about being cooped up in the crate to be relocated but then again, maybe the cub didn’t get to finish his fries.

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