Bruins goalie Linus Ullmark is having his best year ever.

The goaltender is on top of the league in nearly every category, including goals against average, save percentage, most wins, and even goals scored. Ullmark is not only having a career year for him, but a historic year for any goalie.

But I'm not here to talk stats. You can Google those bad boys.

I am here to talk about the important things...the design of the netminder's helmet.

Goalies, unlike regular players, get to have a little swag when they step on the ice. Many have specially-designed pads, blockers, gloves, and helmets. It is one of the few "designer" pieces any NHL players can have. Often times, goalies will get with professionals to design such a mask. Many bring in local landmarks, like the Tobin Bridge for example, or the TD Garden. Some goalies have street art of the team's logo.

Linus Ullmark is a bit is his mask.

Apparently, his wife, Moa, has been wanting her hubby to sport a helmet with some love to their corgis. After YEARS, Linus gave in. His new helmet, shown above, features his two corgi puppies, Bob and Barry.

And who else to thank? The doggy mama, Moa herself.

Linus also credits the actual designer of the helmet, Dave Art. Dave makes some unbelievable helmet work. Look at the kitten helmet below.

And this one, also from Dave Art, features the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a Dover, New Hampshire, classic.

Here's to hoping that Linus and the Boston Bruins keep up the winning, and a reminder to every couple out there...the wife always wins, even at the professional level.

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