Hockey mommas are built different.

If you are a hockey mom, you probably read that and chuckled. If you are a hockey dad or player, you probably know exactly what I mean.

I mean, hockey moms are put through hell from the get-go.

For those who do not know, hockey practices and games often START at five or six in the morning.

That means the moms (yes, and the dads) are getting up hours before, getting the car started, getting the kiddo in gear, traveling to the rink, and going back home because the kid forgot their elbow pads, all before the sun is even up.

Not to mention, they have to sit in a stinky, brutally cold ice rink, for hours.

But moms do that all with a smile because that's what moms do. Moms are the best.

Well, the Boston Bruins are recognizing the hockey moms out in New England with some free tickets to THE ULTIMATE HOCKEY MOM.

According to the nomination site, which is easily linked here:

The Bruins are looking to honor the Ultimate Hockey Mom. Nominate a Hockey Mom who deserves to be recognized and has gone above and beyond. One lucky Mom will receive (2) tickets to the Bruins Women In Sports Night presented by Rapid7 on Tuesday, March 21 when the Bruins face off against the Ottawa Senators at 7:00pm. Submit a short story and photo of an ultimate Hockey Mom for a chance to win.

So if you played the great, cold, and stinky sport, maybe nominate your momma.

And to the hockey moms out there, god bless you and thank you. You made us love the sport. You gave us the opportunity to love the sport.

No thank you is enough for the sacrifices you make and made, but a pair of Bruins tickets is a good start.

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