Boston's teams routinely take away the top prize, but now fans are getting in on the action.

Just when you thought Boston couldn't win anything else sports-related, (well, other than the well documented Celtics catastrophe this season, but we're staying positive here)  sports fans around the rest of the country will no doubt eye-roll when they see Boston has another trophy on the mantle.

Best hockey city in America, baby!

Finance site Wallet Hub ranked 73 U.S. cities across 21 categories. The rankings considered factors like stadium capacity, ticket price and team performance. Boston ended up #1. Not shocked. Now, this is strictly for college hockey. In fairness, Boston is #3 for NHL. The combination lands The Hub at #1 overall. Detroit and Pittsburgh were second and third.

For those who were wondering where St Louis, the city where Bruins' opponents in the ongoing Stanley Cup Final reside, they didn't even make the top 10! St. Louis ranked 11th overall.

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