Pizza + Cupcakes = revolutionary food.

Yes, a new business in Massachusetts is serving the first pizza cupcakes (that I have heard of).

Now I am sure someone has done this before, but I really have never seen a business that solely serves pizza cupcakes. And they look...delicious.

So before you think that cupcakes deserve frosting and not pizza sauce, maybe think again.

This is Boston Pizza Cupcakes, a sister company of the established 4 Corners Pizza.

The mission at Boston Pizza Cupcakes is to "revolutionize the pizza industry with our unique blend of mouth-watering flavors and a dynamic dining experience," according to the Boston Pizza Cupcake website. "At Boston Pizza Cupcakes we're not just about serving extraordinary pizza; we're about creating an environment that buzzes with excitement and energy."

And this concept certainly has me buzzing.

One of the best things about a pizza cupcake is its size. I'm not sure about you, but when I order pizza, it's rarely just cheese. The issue is I want one buffalo chicken, one pepperoni, one chicken bacon ranch...basically one of every kind.

And normally, you only get ONE type of pizza. Not at Boston Pizza Cupcakes.

Since they are served in bite-sized cupcakes (depending on how big your mouth is), you can get three, four, or five-plus types of pizza (with a cupcake crust).

Boston Pizza Cupcakes' options and toppings were recently featured on NBC News.

According to their website, Boston Pizza Cupcakes has 13 flavors/toppings. However, their top five are:

  • Nashville Hot
  • Truffule Mush
  • Double Pepperoni
  • Chicken and Waggles
  • Mac and Cheese

I am eager to try Boston Pizza Cupcakes ASAP. The toppings and flavors sound incredible AND the reviews on their website speak for themselves:

"The Shrimp Mac and Cheese cupcake is a must-try, featuring cheesy pasta perfection and buttery shrimp"

Google Review ☆☆☆☆☆

"I love their pizza cupcakes, especially the Nashville Hot Chicken and the New Barbacoa"

Google Review ☆☆☆☆☆

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