Boston Red Sox fans, gather around, clear your schedule, prep the recliner, and stock the fridge.

Netflix has just announced not one, but two Boston Red Sox documentaries that are sure to have all New Englanders glued to the screen.

Documentary #1: The 2004 Boston Red Sox

Later this year, in 2024, Netflix intends to air a documentary "focusing on the 2004 Red Sox, who broke the so-called Curse of the Bambino and won the team's first World Series title since 1918," according to an ESPN article.

Everyone remembers the 2004 Boston Red Sox team. They were iconic. I was only eight, and I have such vivid memories of watching games, the parade, and the game-winning underhand toss from Foulke.

I mean, the Kurt Schilling bloody ankle, the 0-3 comeback against the Yankees (shout out Big Papi), the memories of the 2003-2004 Red Sox team will live in my head forever. And the documentary is playing right into that nostalgia.

The 2024 doc will feature new, exclusive interviews with key players and figures from the team that broke one of baseball’s longest curses where the franchise has now won more World Series (four) in the last 20 years than any club in MLB, according to the Netflix release.

Our fans love that our sports series focus on the drama of sport and nothing was more dramatic than the 2004 Red Sox season, especially having witnessed their comeback from the bleachers during Game 7 against the Yankees,” said Gabe Spitzer, Vice President, Nonfiction Sports, Netflix. “We’re thrilled to partner with this iconic franchise to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the greatest sports comeback ever, while also looking forward to the team’s future with inside access to their 2024 campaign.


Documentary #2: The 2024 Boston Red Sox

This documentary will be just as epic as it will follow players on the 2024 Red Sox team in an unprecedented way.

Similar to other sports documentaries on Netflix new this year, Quarterback and Break Point, the filming will give viewers a crazy behind-the-scenes look into players' and coaches' lives on and off the field.

For the first time, Netflix will follow an MLB team over the course of a full season. This docuseries will feature one of sports’ most historic teams, the Boston Red Sox, and provide viewers a window into what it takes to compete across a season’s ups and downs in one of the most rabid sports environments. Netflix will have unprecedented access to players, coaches and executives throughout the 2024 season and the docuseries will debut in 2025.


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