IT. IS. PLAYOFF. HOCKEY. BABY. But this story is way more heartwarming than a playoff win.

The Boston Bruins moved on to the second round of the NHL playoffs with their Saturday night overtime win against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The next 48 hours were crazy for the team, but it does not compare to one player.

Yes, the Bruins had to jump on a plane and travel to Florida with a short turnaround, but defenseman Brandon Carlo had to make the same trip in 15 hours.

He did not get on the team plane.

But he had the best reason to miss it.

Brandon Carlo's wife, Mayson, was expecting a baby, and the baby was expecting a Bruins game. At 3 am on Monday morning, Brandon Carlo and his wife welcomed their new son, Crew.

After spending time with his wife and new son, it was time to get to Florida for the game.

Carlo hopped on a plane at 2 PM in Boston. He flew to Florida and arrived at the arena with two hours until puck drop.

The team of course welcomed the new "dad strength" with open arms.

The best part of this story is the defenseman and new dad scored a goal for his new son on the same day he was born.

"I'm so thankful, so proud of my wife. I'm really thankful for the Bruins, the Jacobs [family] as well for how they handled the situation," Carlo said, according to WCVB. "It was incredible, the support that they gave me."

Just to mansplain one more time, he had a baby, flew to Florida, scored a goal, and got a playoff win, all within 15 hours. That's arguably the best sports story of the Bruins' playoff run.

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