We have been looking forward to our WOKQ Christmas party for months now. It is always quite the event. This year we had it at Thompson's Tavern in Dover. The drinks we flowing, people made touching speeches and the food was DELISH.

We decided to bring along our WOKQ Elf on the Shelf, Brett ELFredge because he's part of the family now. He was going a little hard on the margaritas, especially considering the drinks were taller than he is. One thing led to another and he started making an elfish fool of himself.

He was twerking (badly) to Luke Bryan's "Move" and he even got touchy-feely with our street teamer, Kaylee.

I'm pretty sure she liked it.

Needless to say, Brett ELFredge could not show his face at the radio station today. He is too hungover and filled with regret. And that, my friends, is why you never invite an Elf to a company Christmas party. They can't hang!

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