Get ready to do some shopping.

A new old Navy store is slated to open Brickyard Square on Route 125 in Epping this fall, according to

The new store would actually be combining the space of two former stores, the Rue 21 and the Dress Barn, which went out of business, the news article said. The Famous Footwear store will take over the Rue 21 spot to free up space for the retrofit required by the new Old Navy store.

Jennifer Fairfield, marketing director for the developers of the site, said in the article that Waterfield opened an Old Navy last spring in a shopping center in Rochester. The response to the store has been “phenomenal,” she said according to

It will be nice to have a reasonable price clothing option in addition to the Marshall’s store that is located in Brickyard Square.

The Brickyard Square has seen a lot of changes recently with the closure of 900 Degrees and the opening of Community Oven, Seacoastonline stated. Also, the closure of Tortilla Flat left room for Cinco Cantina to open this month.

More shopping and dining options await! Sometimes change is good.

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