The cold winter weather is finally settling in here in New Hampshire and across New England. So, there's no better time than right now to refresh your memory with a few simple suggestions to keep the pipes in your home from freezing.

If you've ever dealt with frozen pipes, you know how much of a hassle it can be. Not only can it be an expensive, time-consuming fix, but it's also an added burden onto your already hectic life!

Don't let that happen. These suggestions from Consumer Reports will hopefully, help you get through another brutal New England winter with no damage to your pipes.

How to Beat the Freeze:

 Open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors - this is to allow warmer air to move around the plumbing.

Let the cold water drip from a faucet - having a trickle of running water helps prevent pipes from freezing.

If you plan to be away during cold weather, - don't shut the heat off, leave it set to a temp no lower than 55° F.

For the long term, add insulation - Insulation will maintain higher temperatures.

So, grab yourself an extra cozy blanket and a hot cup of cocoa and follow the above guidelines and hopefully, you won't have to worry about any frozen pipes for the winter of 2019.

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