How to you get a bull moose out of a swimming pool?  Very carefully!  WMUR9 is reporting on a crazy story of a moose stuck in a swimming pool in Bedford, New Hampshire on Tuesday night.  New Hampshire Fish and Game biologists and local conservation officers had their hands full trying to convince a bull moose that swimming was not a good idea.


The poor animal was stressed and tired after trying to get himself out of the pool on his own for hours.  Mating season is here, and a moose will do anything to find love.  It is common for moose to travel long distances looking for love, kind of like humans but they don’t drive cars.


This poor bloke was finally saved after officials placed a set of wooden stairs in the pool and the moose was able to climb up and out.  WMUR9 reports that the moose was seen hustling off into the woods after the incident.  I’m not sure if a moose can feel shame or embarrassment but thankfully the quick-thinking crew at New Hampshire Fish and Game were able to help him out.  I hope he finds love soon and swears off swimming.



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