I'll admit it.  I love my reality shows.  They are usually good for unwinding after a long day and just shutting off your brain for a while.

One of my favorites is Below Deck on Bravo. If you're interested in yachts, water, or just like some drama (that doesn't involve you!) than this is the perfect show.

Now, it looks like Bravo is casting for experienced yachties or people that want to get into yachting (and reality tv!).

What better area than the Granite State? We already have local fisherman on Wicked Tuna, and we know our way around the water.

According to Monstersandcritics.com, Kristen K Casting has put out an ad looking for both newbies and experienced yachters that may be between charters.

The article also says they are looking for an experienced "crew house parent":

“Behind-the-Scenes Gurus & Experts in the Hospitality Business for a new TV series that will give viewers a behind the scenes look at the luxury world of yachting. If you or anyone you know would be the perfect fit, email us at 51MindsCasting2020@gmail.com with your contact information, 5 photos, your resume, and why you’d be the perfect addition to our staff,”

Although it's not confirmed to be for the Below Deck series, speculation in the article is that it's connected because 51 Minds Casting is the company behind the Bravo series.

Monstersandcritics.com also thinks this might be a new spin-off on Crew Houses which are where the yachties stay between charters.

The series currently has Below Deck, Below Deck Mediterranean, and Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

Below Deck Mediterranean is currently on Monday nights at 9pm!  Check out the luxury yacht that's featured in this season!


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