Who Knew that Adam Sandler is a Style Icon?


I bet there is a very disappointed Harry Styles who Adam Sandler beat out for Google’s 2021 top “celebrity outfits” list according to foxnews.com.  While most of you can’t imagine Sandler as a style icon, his fashion statements are such a thing that they even have their own hashtag on TikTok.  Search for #Sandlercore to see users uploading videos of themselves in Adam Sandler fashions.


What is his style


To be frank, his style oversized basketball shirts and oversized tee-shirts.  I mean, he just has an ‘I woke up like this’ type of fashion sense that we all wish we could get away with.  He also repeats wearing clothes, usually a no-go for celebs who always like to be caught wearing something new and never want to be seen in the same outfit twice.  I understand why he earned the number one spot on Google's 2021 celebrity outfits list according to foxnews.com.

Maybe his laid-back New Hampshire Roots are to Blame


Maybe growing up in Manchester gave him that attitude of if the clothes are comfortable and fit, why buy more?  I love his style.  I have one tee-shirt that I wear almost every day when I get home from work and love oversized shorts and baseball hats.  The style is so popular that schools are having a dress like Adam Sandler day during their school spirit weeks.  Of all the celebrities out in Hollywood, I would most like to grab a beer with Sandler.  He seems so down to earth, even if he is a style icon.


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