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Is it Alligator Season in New Hampshire Yet?

It must be alligator season in Massachusetts because one was captured in the Westfield River on Tuesday, December 7, according to nbcboston.com.

There have been many sightings and reports of a gator in the waters around Massachusetts since the summer, but many believe it was an urban legend.  Some of the sightings were even caught on film but it seemed hard to believe.

Now we know it is true because the alligator was caught and turned over to West Springfield Animal Control, the news station reported.

What is in the Alligator’s Future

It must have been a very lonely life to be the only alligator swimming around Massachusetts, but this gator appeared to be in good condition, according to animal control officers, per NBC Boston.

That is shocking because we have had some cold temperatures recently.  I am curious to know what an alligator eats in New England.  Happy to know he found something to eat.

The alligator is on his/her way to a licensed reptile rescue center, the news station stated.

Is New England the new Hot Spot for Gators?

Don’t worry, alligators are not moving to the area.

Animal control officers believe the alligator must have been someone’s pet and when the alligator got too big, the owners released the animal into the wild, NBC Boston reported.

I suppose I will have to add another thing to my list of fears.  Alligators in local lakes.

If you have a pet alligator, please hand it over to an animal rescue.  They don’t make good pets.

I'm thinking it's against the law to own an alligator.

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