I have so many great memories going to Canobie Lake Park as a kid. I discovered so much about myself at that place.

For example, I learned that spinny rides make me nauseous:

and that my love for Dippin Dots runs deep

and if you were born after Elvis' time, seeing an Elvis impersonator at Canobie is almost as good as the real thing.

If you grew up in New England then Canobie Lake Park is part of the fabric of your being. I can't believe it is already opening weekend!

They are doing this really cool promotion on their Facebook page where they will be picking five people who like, comment or share this post and giving them a four pack of complimentary passes to Opening Day this Saturday, May 6th. But fear not if you can't make opening day, the passes are valid through June 30th.

Good luck and we will see you at the park! :)

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