Tom Brady vs New England

Ever since TB12 packed up and left New England for a warmer climate and a totally different team, who are now World Champions while the Pats didn't even make the playoffs last season, a good chunk of New England seemingly has some massive hatred for him. But no matter how you feel about Tom Brady, you have to call a spade a spade, nobody can laugh at himself more.

Rob Gronkowski retirement timeline

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons there's so much hatred for Brady, who not too long ago was considered to be both "The G.O.A.T." (Greatest Of All Time) and simply put, God, in New England, is the slight conspiracy amongst some fans that this was a plan in the works for a while.

Back in March 2019, Rob Gronkowski announced his retirement from football altogether. He didn't leave the team for free agency, he straight up retired from the NFL in general. After announcing his retirement, Gronk went on to sign a deal with Abacus Health Products based out of Rhode Island, to become a spokesperson for their CBDMEDIC products which, based on the name, are CBD products.

Shortly after THAT announcement, Gronk was named the special guest host of WWE Wrestlemania 36, and apparently followed up by signing a WWE contract to compete as well, with WWE going so far as to even put one of their championships on him at the event.

Rob Gronkowski joins the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

After all of that, barely a year later, Gronk ended up joining Brady down in Tampa Bay to become a part of the eventual World Champion Bucs team. It all just seemed to come together in a rather shady way, according to some Pats fans, with Gronk "retiring" and then TB12 "convincing" him to come out of retirement to reunite.

And according to the video just released of Tom Brady, it looks like he's going to the well again to try and convinced retired Pats players, like Julian Edelman, Tedy Bruschi, Willie McGinest, Randy Moss, and more to return to the game to join the Bucs for the 2021-22 NFL season...kinda.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, no matter how you feel about Tom Brady these days, you can't deny that he has a keen talent for not taking himself seriously and honestly even laughing at himself for a lot of the things he's scrutinized about (including that Lombardi Trophy throw...)

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