Much like OJ Simpson, a man connected to larger crimes was brought down by something he simply could've avoided.

According to, 40 year old Richard G. Hallinan had riot and burglary charges against him, but what brought police in was an investigation into illegal fireworks. Rochester Police Capt. Jason Thomas told Fosters Halinan was taken into custody Wednesday night after an officer noticed the fireworks, responded to Hallinan’s home, and discovered the active warrants while in the process of issuing Hallinan a summons for illegal fireworks.

Halinan was allegedly involved in a  May 30 assault on Strafford Road, according to Thomas. Thomas said Hallinan and three others allegedly drove to another man’s home on Strafford Road shortly before midnight that night to confront him. In the incident, Thomas told Fosters after the victim closed the door, the suspects forced their way through and there was an assault. The Captain said detectives spent the entire month of June investigating the matter, and warrants were issued toward the end of last month.

After the fireworks charge, Halligan was held on $500 cash bail.


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