The Boston Celtics are spending $25 million towards racial injustice and social inequities in the Boston area over the course of the next 10 years, according to reporting from WMUR.

The news station reported that the team and the foundation released a statement last Friday saying the fund's work “on combating issues that have impacted the Black community as a result of the nation’s long-term history of systemic racism.”

The foundation will be called Boston Celtics United for Social Justice.  Their mission statement as outlined in the article from includes "promoting equity in education, economic opportunity, and empowerment, equity in healthcare, criminal justice, and law enforcement, breaking down barriers and building bridged between communities and voting and civic engagement."

Steve Pagliuca, Celtics managing partner and Chairman of the Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation says to WMUR, “Our goal is to do everything we can to achieve progress on each of the targeted pillars, and we will work tirelessly to make real change.”

This effort will include the Celtics investor group and the Celtics Organization and was made with input from players and community leaders in Boston.

The NBA has really stepped up their commitment to addressing systemic racism this year including having BLACK LIVES MATTER painted on the court, sayings on the player's jerseys, and the recent boycott of games.  The NBA players who are playing in the bubble are making a hard commitment to bring us some sports and I’m sure it’s tough being in the bubble without their families.

I wonder how all this will play out for the NFL.  I am hoping we can get sports back for football season and that this will be the last time the NBA has to play in a bubble.

It’s an amazing commitment by the Celtics organization to donate $25 million to help those in the Boston area.





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