What a time to be alive! The Celtics haven't been in the NBA Finals since 2010, that was a long time ago! We are overdue for a victory and I think this is the year!

You might be thinking "But, Kira! You are absolutely clueless when it comes to sports! That opinion is not based on anything!" To which I would say, touché my friend, touché.

HOWEVER, I have been doing radio with Logan for three months now, and that sporty spice immerses me in all things sports every weekday. I can name at least three Celtics players now, so there's that!

All jokes aside, the C's are favored to win tonight, and they're playing at home, which even I know is advantageous for them. No fans are more fiery or passionate than Boston fans. Just look at this 18-year-old from Wellfleet, MA, who got a tattoo commemorating the C's as world champs before it even happened:

Smart? No! Dedicated to the cause? Absolutely!

Logan and I aren't willing to tattoo anything on our bodies just yet, but we did whip up a fun remix to get you fired up for the game tonight. It is to the tune of Walker Hayes "Fancy Like" and is a certified BOP!

Here are the lyrics if you'd like to sing along:

Getting buckets like tatum in the garden,

bleeding green for boston yea were all in

Cuz we got jaylen, derek white too,

lets dye our hair green like “Smart” do

Feeling bulky like “hortford” from the downtown

Dunk dunkin on Steph thats why they call us title town

were the Boston freakin celtics, yeah we came to play and win (ayyy)

That’s how we do, how we do, celtics like (ooooh!)

Enjoy, and go C's!!!!!!!


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