Not to rush your process but this sale ends Feb 28th....SO GET THERE!

You know how much I love my 2017 Honda Civic Ex. At this point I have written an epic novel about our love story and have dedicated a poem to my Civic for Valentines Day.

The financial aspect of car buying is top of mind for most people, I know it was for me. "OK I like this one, but how much is this going to set me back a month?"  Bill Bradley and the whole Honda Barn squad never made me feel pressured or pushed into a situation that would strain me financially.

That is why with the President's Day sale going on right now, it's a great time to head to the Honda Barn and test drive some vehicles! See what you like! And if you do find something that fits your criteria, chances are they will be able to make it a financial fit for you as well.

And on top of getting super duper deals on brand new or pre owned vehicles, maybe you will even get to give the wheel a spin and win great prizes too!



Honda Barn via Facebook
Honda Barn via Facebook

These lucky ducks won a brand new "50 big screen TV! Head on over to the Honda Barn in Stratham where YOU'RE the big deal.

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