Is your kid is between the ages of 8 and 13 and on their way to becoming a master chef? Their big break could be right around the corner! Chef Gordon Ramsay of "Hell's Kitchen" is hosting an open casting call for Masterchef Junior. The closest one to us is a bit of a schlep! It's happening on March 2nd in NYC. However, you can also submit your audition through video. Here's a pre-registration form!

Apparently, they are casting for season 8 so this show has been quite successful. Similar to other cooking competition shows, the contestants will be pitted against each other in a timed cooking challenge. People will be eliminated each week and at the end, the winner gets a pretty trophy and 100,000! Since the contestants are kids, wouldn't it be cool if the winner received a scholarship to a prestigious cooking school? If they use that idea I expect credit and royalties.

Will Gordon Ramsey be kinder to the children than he is to adults? I mean, we can only hope. But I did hear he even critiques his own daughter's cooking!

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