I've never seen a full episode of Gordan Ramsay's show Hell's Kitchen. But I've seen enough to know that he GOES OFF on people while they are cooking. If you slice a tomato the wrong way he is going to slice you with hurtful words and make you question if your mom ever loved you.

Gordon swung by the Porthole Restaurant in Portland, Maine over the weekend. I wonder if the staff was sweating bullets! "What if the Lobster Bennie does not meet his standards?!" "What if he yells and screams and calls the staff Idiot Sandwiches!?" "What if he gives the restaurant a scathing Yelp review?"

I'm not sure if Gordon's harsh and angry character on the show is just a persona or if he is feeling kinder during these crazy Corona times. But Gordon was a delightful customer at the Porthole Restaurant & Pub and he even posed for a picture with the staff:

According to WMTW, this is the second time Gordon has been spotted out and about in Maine. Just last week he was at Big Cat's Catering. So what is the superstar chef doing in the Pine Tree State? Well, that's a good question. Perhaps he was just vacationing, but generally people don't do that with a production team. It's more likely that he may be filming an episode of his latest show, Uncharted, where he visits remote locations searching for culinary inspiration and epic adventures. Maine is a great spot for both.

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