Perusing real estate that is far beyond my price range is one of my favorite hobbies. It's just fun to daydream about where I will be spending my days when I finally hit the lottery! You can always count on at least one Zillow tab to be open at all times on my lap top.

When I do win big with Mega Millions, I will own a few homes. (naturally!) One will of course be a waterfront property on the beach, possibly in Rye. I love the idea of taking walks on the beach all year round with my cute dogs that I don't have yet. And my sons, who I also don't have yet, will become little surfer dudes.

Our second home will be in the mountains for our family ski adventures. I want cozy cabin vibes but also plenty of room for my big family to spread out so we don't get sick of each other. I want plenty of space to entertain and host dinner parties and game nights and panoramic mountain views are a plus!

84 Beechnut Drive in Lincoln, NH certainly checks off all of these boxes and wouldn't ya know, it's on the market! Shall we take a peek inside? I feel like we should!

Chic Chalet in Lincoln, New Hampshire, Offers Endless Views of Loon Mountain

Imagine retreating to this gorgeous chalet for your family's next ski adventure!

Isn't it awesome? Are you ready to embrace your inner mountain man or woman?!! Check out the full listing here:

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