New Hampshire is known for a few things: the White Mountains, the first state to vote in the presidential primary, maple syrup, and now one more thing: chicken tenders.

Recently, New Hampshire has been crowned the chicken tender capital of the world, and for pretty good reason.

The delectable chicken tenders that we all know and love originated in New Hampshire in 1974.

The Puritan Backroom has been in Manchester, New Hampshire, "since its Greek immigrant owners opened it in 1917, and it has thrived beyond all expectations," according to a USA Today article.

In the year 1974, The Puritan Backroom started serving chicken fingers. This is often said to be the birthplace of the chicken tender.

According to an NHPR article:

Charlie Pappas invented the tender in 1974 to salvage pieces of chicken that were being thrown away.

In July, Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig officially declared the city the Chicken Tender Capital of the World.

But there are even more reasons to crown New Hampshire as the chicken tender capital of the world.

With the new addition of Dave's Hot Chicken in Manchester, people are buzzing around the Granite State.

It's not a paid ad but it totally could be. Dave's Hot Chicken is the best fried chicken I have ever had. I said it. I meant it.

They are thick (I mean THICK). They are juicy. They are SUPER crispy.

Dave's chicken tenders are gaining popularity by the second. It is like a creation of a brand-new chicken tender.

So between the creation of tenders in 1974 and this new type of chicken tender at Dave's Hot Chicken, some are calling Manch-Vegas the chicken tender capital of the world.

And I am totally here for it.

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