We had the pleasure of chatting with Governor Sununu on the morning show this week. We think he is a very relatable and reasonable guy and we feel lucky to have him governing our fine state during this pandemic.

This was a big week for the Granite state because the first doses of the Covid vacinne arrived.. According to the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, 12,675 doses of the Pfizer vaccine were expected in the first batch, but not all of those does were distributed this week. NHPR.org said around 8,000 shots were set aside for long-term care facilities (aka nursing homes). Those will start to be administered next week.

The governor explained that the distribution of vaccines will happen in phases. Phase one will be healthcare workers and at risk people. The general "healthy" public would be phase three which the governor predicts will happen around February or March. Will Governor Sununu be getting the vaccine? And if so, when? His answer might surprise you! Take a listen:

I thought it was encouraging to hear Governor Sununu predict that things will look pretty normal in the Summer of 2021! Some semblance of normalcy is not TOO far in the distance and we just need to be patient and vigilant during this final stretch.

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