For the past twenty years, Chipotle has celebrated Halloween with buy one get one free burritos for anyone that comes in wearing a costume.  It's their annual "Boorito" event and it has been wildly popular.

This year, with all the precautions due to Covid-19, the restaurant chain has decided to go virtual!

There will be 500,000 codes sent out through Twitter, Instagram and TikTok starting October 29th-October 31st.  According to a press release from Chipotle, customers will then need to text the word to 888-222 to get their coupon for free goodies!

The coupons can be used on October 31st at any Chipotle location including here in the Granite State!

Chief Marketing officer Chris Brandt says:

"Over the years, Boorito has become a mainstay for Chipotle and while we can't have our usual in-person event, canceling completely was never an option for us,"

You can follow Chipotle here on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok to try to grab those codes before they're gone!

Trick or treating will definitely be different this year, with many towns not allowing it, or having a lot of guidelines put on it.  It's nice to see traditions continuing, even if they look a little bit different this year.

Bring on the burritos!



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