Restaurants have been hard hit with the COVID-19 closures. Another food service that has been hit particularly hard has been the Food Trucks that are used to providing food to workers that have been ordered to work from home. The City of Rochester has sprung into action to help these businesses according to City officials will allow four local food trucks to operate at Rochester Common, near City Hall which is a different area that the food trucks have been located. The four food trucks you can expect to see are Crescent City Kitchen, Hot Mess Poutine, Koz’s Haute Box and Sausage Express. reports that City Manager Blaine Cox said the change is to help local businesses “stay open.” Food trucks do not have seating, so they operate like takeout at a restaurant. While the food trucks will not be making what they were before the COVID-19 closures, they may be able to hang on and weather the storm.

Blain Cox says, “I must say I have been humbled and made proud at the sense of community I have witnessed here in our city during this challenging time.” “Rochester’s people have come together to help one another, and the city’s staff have stepped up without exception. It has been truly amazing.” Support your local food truck, just say 6 feet from the window when ordering and you can help these local businesses stay afloat.


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