If you are a mom in a store, and someone says "Mom!", you immediately turn around to answer.  Am I right, or am I right?

It's inevitable that we pick up some of those mom tendencies from our parents.  Recently, a New Hampshire social media post asked, "What's the catch phrase your mom used, that you might be using now too?"

There are a bunch of these signature lines, but here are some of the best from the Granite Staters who chimed in. Do you remember these?

Signature Mom Lines

"Wait until your father comes home!" – Passing the buck!

"Whoever told you life is fair?" – Just trying to be realistic!

"Things always work out for the best." – Trying to teach a positive attitude?

"Make sure you go tinkle on the hoppah before we leave". – Hit the head in NH speak!

"I'll give you something to cry about!" – No sympathy here.

"Let's blow this popsicle stand." – Let's get out of here now.

"Let me show you a trick I learned in the Army", but she was never in the Army!

"We have food at home", in response to asking to go to a fast food place for dinner.

"This too shall pass" – A very famous generational mom quote.

"Call me when you get there" –  Now it's "Text me when you get there."

"Be careful, someone might lose an eye!" –  Or a finger, or a limb.

"Don't put that in your mouth, you don't know where it's been". – Truth

"I'm going to count to five, and then you better..."

There are more, of course, but these take the cake (oops, another mom-ism)!

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