Coca-Cola has announced plans to replace Coke Zero with a drink that has a different name, recipe and design. Please, don't tell me this is going to be the 'New Coke' fiasco of this generation. 

If you plan on filling your coolers with Coke Zero for the remainder of the summer, you may want to stock up. Earlier this week, it was reported by Business Insider that Coca-Cola has announced it was getting rid of Coke Zero in August and replacing it with...


Credit Coca-Cola website

Since the news broke, social media has been inundated with Coke Zero fans freaking out that their favorite beverage is falling by the wayside. For those old enough to remember this sounds eerily familiar.

Remember the 'New Coke' fiasco of the 1980's? I lived through that dark period in our nation's history. It wasn't pretty, my friends. Let's hope the Coke Zero Sugar roll-out goes over better with consumers.

Credit Coca-Cola website