Anything that has to do with coffee and how it gets into my veins is good news to me.  Thank GOD HIMSELF that Starbucks will be re-opening again at MHT.

Yes, There's Only One

If you've never been to Manchester Boston Regional Airport, you might think that it is a large airport, however, it is not and that's why we love it.  There is just one big corridor that you walk to the terminals and the second floor where you board the planes.  That's where you'll find your caffeine fix.

You Do Not Want To Drink Coffee on the Plane

According to, an expert said that most likely, the coffee served on the plane not only dehydrates you, but it's most likely filled with bacteria.  Makes you feel better about paying $5.00 for a fancy cup o' joe at Starbucks, don't you think?

Have You Ever Had a Caffeine Headache?

I am dependant on coffee.  I admit it.  With the hours that I have to keep, it's a must have.  Without my morning coffee, I get a massive headache and according to, it's because the blood vessels in my brain widen without caffeine.  (eyoo....)  Also, because caffeine makes you pee more, your body loses fluid causing dehydration.  Maybe I should start drinking a glass of water for every cup of coffee I drink... you know, like I do with my wine.


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