White lightening. Sugar whiskey. Skull Cracker. Corn liquor. Stumphole.

Whatever you call it, Country singer Cole Swindell is in the Moonshine business. For real! Of course he isn't running it down some backwoods country roads in a souped up muscle car or pick-up truck with the county sheriff on his tail...but I bet he'd be good at that too. Nope...good ole boy Cole is selling it legit.

He announced yesterday that Cole's Peppermint Moonshine is officially on the market. The Flatliner singer has teamed up with Sugarlands Distilling and The Discovery Channel's Moonshiners Legends to bring some of their traditional recipes to store shelves everywhere.

You can buy it all across the United States. Including right here in New England...except for New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Which is kind of a bummer. And if you live in Maine or Vermont, and have a hankerin' for a swig...then you can order online.


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