An off-campus party the night of August 23 drew the ire of UNH officials.

Durham police responded to a call of loud noise and discovered a party with underage drinking and more than 50 in attendance, according to

Three people have been charged with alcohol and/or noise-related offenses due to the gathering, the news site reported.

The report of the gathering prompted UNH Vice Provost Ken Holmes to send out an email to students that said “It is reckless behavior such as this that will necessitate UNH pivoting back to remote learning only. In the end, you and your peers will have the final say if we stay together or not.”

Durham Police Chief Rene Kelley said the officers responding to the noise complaint call witnessed most of the people attending the party had no mask and were not socially distancing, according to a

This is just what most colleges are facing. And with more and more colleges forced to go back to online learning, this is what we will face at UNH if the students choose to ignore officials.

Kelly also told, “If the virus spreads at one of the large off-campus parties and a number of people come down with this virus, it’s not only dangerous for the health of the people who attended the party, it’s putting the university in a bad place because they have done everything within their power to open up for the fall semester with all the testing they’re doing and requirements for wearing masks and social distancing on campus and in their classrooms.”

All the work UNH has done to ensure a safe environment and provide the college experience for all will go down the drain if there is an outbreak.  The thing I think students should ask themselves is “do I want to party so much that I would take the chance of infecting my teacher?”

You may think you are immune, but you could spread it to a teacher or other staff member or a family member.  Is it worth the risk?  Hell no.



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