Ronny Chieng's "Asian Comedian Destroys America!" is absolutely brilliant in many ways and was the best Netlix comedy special I've seen in awhile.

Some highlights include the joke about NYC being the only city in the world where people fight the subway doors and win. He also compares social media to cigarettes, makes fun of Americans for their obsession with Amazon prime, and he talks about the time he was late to his own wedding. Classic!

Ronny is originally from Malaysia and moved to America in 2015. His observations about our country are so very honest and hilarious. My favorite part was when he threw shade to the states that have ridiculous mottoes and OF COURSE New Hampshire was highlighted:

You gotta admit: "Live Free or Die" is pretty intense! Check out Ronny's stand up special and also check him out in the movie "Crazy Rich Asians".

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