But how did they fare?

Of all the internet challenges this summer, this one everyone can agree on. The Concord police department just joined in the popular Lip Sync Challenge circulating the internet. When was the last time you heard two officers debating the merits of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera? 1999? Maybe. Whitney Houston and Cher are also candidates. Then, 'queen" Beyonce is thrown into the mix.

Starting off with Christina, complete with leg, and out of the car dance moves, it quickly breaks into Britney.Other officers join in,, and see if they all keep a straight face. Moving forward, they bring the entire office to the lip sync party, and you can see, not all are as comfortable in front of the camera as the main stars. Just watch some of the unsure eye darting to Madonna's Vogue.

All in good fun, Concord has challenged (and tagged) the Merrimack County Sheriff's Office and New Hampshire State Police to get their lip sync on.

This video is hilarious, and on point. Check it out here.

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