Brandy Bisson is hoping to spur on and encourage more random acts of kindness.

WMUR was inspired to write about Brandy after seeing a post in the U Local New Hampshire Facebook Group. Bisson decided one-day last week to spend over $600 paying for groceries of random strangers.

Bisson tells “With the pandemic and everything and all the election stuff, I just wanted to bring smiles to people’s faces.”

What makes the story more special is that Bisson does not consider herself rich by any standards.  She is the mother of three and was inspired by her mother, who has passed away, to commit some random acts of kindness, according to WMUR.

Bisson was also deeply moved and touched by the response she received to her one son’s 9th birthday.  Her son was crushed thinking the pandemic would ruin any joy to be had in the celebration of his birthday, but Brady was overwhelmed with the outpouring of gifts, and the community held a drive-by parade for her son, the news station reported.

In her own way, Bisson feels like she is paying it forward.  She continues her plans to randomly buy stranger's groceries and is even planning to provide Thanksgiving dinners for two families in Manchester, according to WMUR.

Take a note from Brandy Bisson.  If you have anything to spare, please give a thought to donating to your local food bank.  People are in need and it’s sometimes difficult to ask for help.

Way to go, Brady, you are a local hero.







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