Looks like Santa might be the one getting coal this Christmas. Police in Bangor, ME are trying to track down a Bad Santa. The naughty St. Nick approached a  woman and her daughter while shopping at a department store last week.

According to the  Bangor Police Facebook page, Santa gave them a candy-cane while they were shopping. Later, they saw Santa again. This time he approached them in the ladies apparel department, and instead of candy, he offered these sage words of wisdom: "Good girls get candy, naughty girls get jewelry."

The woman immediately filed a complaint with the manager who told her the store didn't have a Santa.

The Bangor Police posted this funny take of the Bad Santa incident on their Facebook page..."If you are a Santa and are saying off-color things to ladies in stores, do the right thing; put yourself on the naughty list and stop by to speak to us."

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