You may have heard rumblings the last day or two about another storm heading for New England next week. Now that we've had a couple of hours to compose ourselves from digging out of the third nor'easter in less than two weeks, word has it, that we could possibly be staring down the barrel of the fourth...yup, a 'four-easter,' if you will!

Granted, no meteorologists are really committing to releasing any snowfall amounts for this potential storm, however, it might be wise to not pack up the snowblower, shovels and ice scrapers just yet.

Just take a look at what Keith Carson of Newscenter Maine posted Wednesday morning:

Meteorologist Hayley LaPoint mentioned in this WMUR article about Nor'easters that "after looking at the longer range models it doesn’t appear things change for the next two weeks."

She adds: "Even though spring is now only six days away, it would be wise to not put away the shovels and snow blowers yet!"

And WMTW's Ted McInerney said while discussing an eight-day forecast that there's a "chance for snow Tuesday night into Wednesday. Got to watch that one, could see another system getting close to the coast on Wednesday."

This next possible storm, if it happens, could be early next week, just in time for the first day of spring!

Hopefully, within the next few days, we'll get a clearer picture of the weather, and if the storm will simply pass us by or dump another round of snow on us all.


Credit Karen Kiley

Credit Karen Kiley

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