Man, don't you just love love? I have read stories about people getting married just about everywhere, from the cereal aisle at their local grocery store, to the front of Cinnabon at the food court in the mall, or on the field at a Boston Red Sox game! Actually, I've never heard of that last one happening. Has it ever happened? That would be pretty cool.

A happy couple dressed as unicorns decided the finish line at the Boston Marathon was as good a place as any to exchange their nuptials.

According to WCVB, Tim Suhr and Cherry Rose are from Virginia. Their original plan was to get married at the Boston Marathon finish line in 2020, but a little thing called COVID threw a big fat wrench into that plan. They ended up getting married on New Years Day in 2021. It was a low-key affair without family or friends due to the ongoing pandemic. They always had in the back of their minds that when they were able to, they would renew their vows at the finish line like they always wanted.

The day before the actual marathon, Cherry and Tim stood at the finish line with an ordained minister, and carried out their plan that was three years in the making. A group of their loved ones stood nearby and witnessed this sweet and tender vow renewal on Boylston Street.

So, why the unicorn costumes? I'm so glad you asked! According to the article, The Boston Athletic Association, which organizes the marathon, chose a unicorn as its symbol when the club held its first organized track and field competition back in 1890. Could it be because people who complete marathons are so rare they are kind of like unicorns? I like to think that's why.

Congrats to the happy couple, and good luck to Tim, who will be running in his third Boston Marathon today.

And to all of the haters who were being mean to this couple on Instagram and saying they were making the marathon about them, it was the day before the actual marathon, so sit the heck down. And also, it seems like you hate love, so maybe you should do some inward reflecting. END RANT!

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