Can you imagine a Summer without ice cream stands? No more walking up to the ice cream window as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. No more letting people go ahead of you because you can't decide on a flavor. No more trying your significant other's ice cream and them scolding you because you take "really big bites".

Cowlicks Dairy Bar in Dover isn't giving up hope. They are staying positive and are eager to open for the season. They took to their Facebook page to announce that they are planning on opening in mid May. Obviously this situation is very fluid and could change at any time.

Look at the sad expression on Moo's face. It's enough to break your heart!

Someone suggested in the comments that they do curbside pick up for hand packed pints or quarts! Cowlicks responded and said unfortunately it wouldn't work because they tend to have dozens of customers at a time. They think it would be irresponsible to have that much interaction and encourage crowds during this time. They are as eager as we are to open but they need to make sure that the safety of their Scoopers and beloved customers comes first.

Once Cowlicks opens, what will your first ice cream of the season be?

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