It sounds like the ultimate New England vacation spot: an historic and nautical-themed windmill on Cape Cod. It could be your next weekend getaway, thanks to Airbnb.

This absolutely adorable windmill cottage in Chatham's Old Village neighborhood is fairly new to the vacation home rental site, but has already received rave reviews from vacationers. One renter called it "like staying in a fairytale" while another described it as "the perfect spot for a weekend getaway." From the photos, I can totally see why.

The cozy cottage isn't big on square footage, but it definitely makes the most of its space so you can make the most of your stay. It's in walking distance of the beach and downtown Chatham, but it also provides everything you need to just stay in and hunker down.

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Personally, I think staying here in the winter might be awesome. Watching the snow fall from inside a windmill on the water sounds downright magical to me, though it appears from the blackout dates on the listing that January and February are not months you can rent this place.

Still, Christmas on the Cape in a windmill cottage? You can totally do that.

This new windmill rental is good news for folks that may remember another windmill that used to be available to rent in West Yarmouth a few years ago. That rental no longer seems to be listed on Airbnb, though it too appeared to be a gorgeous getaway location.

This new Chatham beachy abode is up for grabs, however, with dates apparently filling up fast. If you want a unique weekend away without traveling far away, this place is definitely worth a look.

Cozy Up In This Cape Cod Windmill Cottage

Want to get super vintage New England on your next weekend getaway? How about hunkering down in a fully restored, historic windmill in Chatham's Old Village neighborhood.

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