Pat Callaghan has a new fan of his broadcasts at noon each day.  Turns out this deer was caught inside a Levant, Maine home just chilling and watching the news, according to News Center Maine.

This deer wants to be informed, Ha Ha, The deer is so adorable with a face anyone could love.  How did the deer wind up in the home?  It’s a bit of a story.

Turns out Brad Gillis tells “Just before hunting season, I’m standing in my garage and I turn around in my garage and he’s standing just four feet from me and he comes up and sniffs me."

Wow.  Gillis and his girlfriend have been giving some snacks to the cute fella such as carrots, which he loves.  He has become so comfortable with the couple that one day he just strolled into the home, the news station reported.

Gillis was able to snap some pics of the deer watching the noon broadcast of News Center Maine on the big screen in his house before the deer went about his day.

Of course, there is always that warning from game wardens and this story is no different.

Maine Game Warden Nick Johnson tells that wild animals belong in the wild and we shouldn’t be feeding them and if you live near a road it's very dangerous for the animal.

I understand that and I would not feed any wild animals, but this deer is so cute I can see why Gillis and his girlfriend are so tempted.  Now we need to get the deer to listen to my radio show!


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