Tom Hardy from Haverhill, MA, should be voted 'Father of the Year'.

His 15-year-old son Tommy is in a wheel chair due to his cerebral palsy. Tommy LOVES Halloween.  It is his fav.

Every year, according to a CNN, Tom outdoes himself and creates an elaborate costume for his son that incorporates his wheel chair in some way.

In years past Tommy has reportedly gone trick-or-treating as a policeman and his wheelchair was the police car,  an X-wing fighter from "Star Wars", and one of the dragons from "Game of Thrones".

This year might be the best one yet because he's going as an SR-71 Blackbird fighter jet, CNN reported. His dad put some serious time and effort into this costume devoting 100 hours on it over the past month.

There is some significance behind the costume because Tommy lost his grandparents this past year, according to the news station. Both grandma and grandpa served in the Air Force during Vietnam.

The news station stated that their names and ranks are printed on the tail of the jet and their photos are next to the control panel in the "cockpit". How amazing is that!?

According to CNN, when Tommy was born his parents pledged to treat him like any other kid. That includes partaking in Halloween festivities.

But let's face it, Tommy's costume might be a little cooler than the other kids' in the neighborhood.

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