Watch out for Those Deer

The Barnstead Police Department highlighted a break-in at the Barnstead Elementary School and their Facebook post about it is epic.

A citizen reported a window was seen smashed at the Elementary school and police responded to investigate, according to the post, and they soon discovered the suspect was still in the building.

Pretty brazen of the suspect to hang around the scene of the crime and not think there would be consequences.

Police Reporting of the Incident is Priceless

According to the Barnstead Police Department’s post on their Facebook page: “Office Cookinham called for backup, and Barnstead firefighters showed up to help capture the large suspect.”

After a chase ensued, the 10-point Buck made a mad dash out another window before he could be apprehended, police said. He lost a piece of his anther which they report will be sent to the crime lab for DNA analysis.

An Organized Crime Ring?

The Barnstead Police jokingly continued in the post that “Police believe that the Buck is part of an organized crime group breaking into buildings in New Hampshire. Earlier today our police counterparts in Goffstown responded to the call of a Buck inside an auto repair shop and the suspect got away.”

They are reportedly comparing hoof prints from the scenes of both crimes.

Perhaps the best part of the Facebook post is that they posted a sketch of a buck wearing a ski mask.  Whoever oversees their social media pages should get a promotion.

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